As some of you know, Rosaria Musetti is a sleeve patient coming up on 5 years post-op! We know a lot of you are fellow sleevers and R-NY patients and we have come up with some pretty amazing options for you all starting tomorrow! We will soon be carrying EatMeGuiltFree Brownies and Protein Bread as well as Elite Donuts! Rosa is always here for post Bariatric support, so please reach out if you need to!

This menu is dedicated to Bariatric customers, however anyone can order from it. If you are watching what you eat or are looking for high protein, this is a great menu for you. More coming!!

We prefer that you do pre-order so we can insure we have enough for everyone! These portions will be enough for 4 Bariatric meals per order.

We look forward to serving and supporting you. This menu will grow so check back soon.

God Bless!



Ricotta Bake.........$10.00

Grilled Chicken Parm.....$10.75

Wonton Egg Bites (4 broccoli and cheese bites)......$9.00

Mexican Ground Turkey Bake....$11.00