Mamma Musetti's Giving Back

Mamma Musetti's tries to do positive things for the community, when the cafe opened on April 6th, Rosa & Andre held a food drive. They were looking for non perishable food items to collect and donate to the families who need it. They raised over 120 lbs of food for The Food Bank Of The Hudson Valley. "We just really like to do what we can for the community, if there is a way we can help people we will" Said Mrs. Musetti. "We are always doing whatever we can, even on a day to day basis, for example we give away Kool Aid Juice boxes for free to any children who come in, everyday (with their parents permission of course). We have 3 children so we understand the hardships of parenting and we love to see the kids smiling. We have games here at the cafe for children also. We are an all around family friendly place, just like visiting your Nonna's house, thats what we are all about here at Mamma Musetti's"

The little cafe is a cross between an Italian Eatery & a bakery, its not really either but thats exactly what it is. Rosa & Andre Musetti who own the cafe bake and cook home made meals and desserts every single day. They have real authentic Italian lunches and mix in some Italian American foods as well. Hand pressed panini, pasta's homemade sauces & meatballs, and of course the baked goods include everything from homemade fresh sfoglitelle, rainbow cookies & cannoli. These hand crafted dessert recipes all come from family secrets that date back through Rosa's Italian family & Andre's.

Rosa is first generation American with her mom & dad both being born and raised in Italy. "When we cook here at the cafe everything is made as if it were being prepaired for our own family". "Thats the difference between us and an Italian restaurant. We make everything the same way our family has done for years. It is exactly what sets apart" said Mr. Musetti.

Mamma Musetti's is very famous for their cannoli, the cream is made fresh daily at the cafe in small batches, Rosa hand mixes everything using her secret recipe. The cannoli is filled fresh when its ordered. As you stand at the counter you can watch them fill your cannoli fresh. It is really amazing, when you take your first bite you know right away there is no other cannoli like this. It is pure heaven. Fresh, Perfect, light, not to sweet and it just melts in your mouth. It truly is the perfect cannoli.

Mamma Musetti's is located at 2649 E. Main Street Wappingers Falls NY. right in the heart of the village. You can order lunch Tuesday-Saturday. Saturday they are open for dinner until 9pm. Sunday is breakfast all day until 2pm. They usually deliver during the week also. Give it a shot, you'll be happy you did.


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