The Best Pasta

Most of the pasta at Mamma Musetti’s is a hand selected imported pasta. When you eat it you will notice right away that it is full and has a bite to it. It doesn’t mush in your mouth, it holds together. It is pasta that is eaten in Italy. To us it’s important to have a pasta that is different, if we served the same pastas that e everyone else serves it wouldn’t stand out and above.

That being said our sauce will stand out, the sauce you get at Mamma Musetti’s is our homemade sauce. It is been in our family for a very long time. It’s the same sauce we make for our family using the same ingredients.

These sauces paired with our imported pasta makes it truly an amazing experience.

If you notice above we said “most” of our pastas are imported. No, we are not using Ronzoni.

2 of our pasta dishes are now homemade right on our premises. The first one is our Lasagna. We hand roll the pasta out then it’s put through our hand cranked pasta roller, and we cut the sheets of pasta for the lasagna. We now also have homemade Fettuccini. It is made the same way, we hand roll the dough and roll out the pasta sheets and put it into our hand cranked pasta maker. It’s fresh and truly amazing.

We will start offering our homemade fettuccini and homemade Alfredo sauce on Saturday 7/13/19

That Saturday we will be open until 9pm (as we are every Saturday night) and serving our fresh Fettuccini, and it will pop up from time to time in the near future.

We hope to see you at our table to try this real Italian treat or call ahead and order it for take out.

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