The Coffee is The Best

A month before we first opened our doors on April 6th. We were sampling coffee after coffee for the café. Everywhere you go you can get a cup of coffee in Wappingers Falls and in The Hudson Valley


We knew if we were just simply going to serve “the same cup of coffee that everyone else has” it wouldn’t be very special, and it wouldn’t stand out. We knew we had to have the BEST coffee.

It took a month of sampling coffee over and over, before we found the most amazing coffee. We knew at first sip that it stood out among the rest, it was rich & flavorful and it was full. The other coffee we sampled was light and thin, this one was bold, it was delicious.

So we had found our coffee Americano. The coffee we had selected is a top shelf 100% pure Columbian coffee. It is not mixed with any other coffee like the other ones are. This one is pure and really a rare find in today’s coffee world. It is the highest quality bean. The good news is Mamma Musetti’s is the only place in The Hudson Valley that has it. The reason is because it’s so expensive. Places would much rather select a cheaper coffee and make a bigger profit on a cup of coffee. For us we want to have the best cup of coffee you can get. We make very little on our coffee because we carry such a high quality coffee but we can honestly say we have the best.

When it comes to our Espresso machine and Espresso it isn’t much different. Our machine was purchased in Italy and sent to us. We could have bought a machine here in NY. But we figured if were gonna make Italian Espresso & Cappuccino let’s make it with a machine from Italy. That’s exactly what we did.

For the Espresso we selected a brand directly from Italy. It is a very popular Espresso all over the Italy. It is truly amazing. It’s strong and rich and exactly what espresso should be. It is the o my Espresso we use for our Drinks. We get it through an Importer and we couldn’t imagine having any other Espresso.

This is what sets us apart from everyone and every place in the HV. Just like our coffee, the espresso is very expensive and we don’t make much profit on a cappuccino or Latte. But it’s more important that we have the best. We want to stand above every other place in the Hudson Valley.

We offer Iced and hot Lattes, carmal, white chocolate, mocha, raspberry, among many other flavors.

We have iced coffee, cold served cappuccino, (we actually cold froth the milk)

Come try our coffee, cappuccino, espresso, iced coffee, iced latte’s or hot latte’s. We promise we will be your new coffee spot. You haven’t had coffee like this before.

We also carry Oat Milk & Almond Milk..

Mamma Musetti’s is located at 2649 E. Main Street in Wappingers Falls NY.

One of the many Mamma Musetti's iced Latte's

Find us online at

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