The Little Italian Place in Wappingers Falls

Mamma Musetti’s started out as a Cannoli whole sale company supplying over 17 restaurants in The Hudson Valley. A woman who learned how to cook and bake from her family, first generation American, both parents born and raised in Italy. Her husband, raised in an Italian family with a strong marketing background, between the both of them the story begins.

The Musetti Family doesn’t really have any big secrets to the success of their company other than real Italian cooking done the correct way. The dishes are all inspired by Rosa’s Calabrese family, & Andre’s Sicilian Family. Everything is homemade from the highest quality ingredients. Rosa hand mixes everything in small batches. It’s not a bakery and it’s not a restaurant but it definitely is a cross between the two. The menu is small but the food is truly amazing. There is no doubt Mamma Musetti’s has the best Italian food you can get in New York. Every ingredient is authentic and exactly what their family has done for generations. You will not find more authentic Italian foods made the old fashioned way like you will at Mamma Musetti’s.

The little café is kinda like going to Nonnas house, you never went to Nonna’s house and ordered off a menu, she made a small buffet of Italian dishes and you ate. The vibe of the café is family friendly. You always feel like family when you go there. You won’t feel that connection to family anyplace else. The café itself is a tribute to our families said Mr. Musetti, the way my grandmother made sauce and rolled meatballs is exactly how we do it here to this very day, When my family first came to America from Palermo My great Grandfather Benedetto Musetti worked as a chef in Chicago before settling in The Bronx.

Rosa makes the Italian dishes she grew up with from both sides of her family. Her Nonna’s her mom and her aunts were a very big influence on the way she cooks and bakes today, and she follows the recipes exact. It makes all the difference from going to eat at your local Italian restaurant.

Every meal is prepared and made just like it is being cooked for their own family. They truly take the time and cook home baked meals. When you order chicken it was hand breaded and pan fried by Rosa herself, when you order the meatballs they were hand rolled by Rosa. That’s the way it’s done every single day. They have daily staples on the menu and they have pop up lunch surprises, they do daily pasta’s with homemade sauces, they have the best hand pressed panini money can buy.

They make their own desserts including Sfoglitelle, Rainbow cookies, Italian wedding cookies, Tiramisu and they are very VERY well known for their cannoli. It’s been said that Mamma Musetti’s has the best Cannoli New York has ever known. We highly recommend you try Mamma Musetti’s and we highly recommend you order a few cannoli. They have ingeniously invented cannoli flavors as well, it’s all cannoli cream but they offer flavored cannoli creams, some of the flavors are Pistachio, lemon, espresso and many many more.

It’s a family operation, when you walk in you can smell that wonderful Italian home cooking that will bring you back to Nonna’s kitchen, you’ll hear the Italian music and you’ll hear the family often speaking Italian to each other. Mamma Musetti’s is the real deal and it’s right here in The Hudson Valley owned and operated by Rosa & Andre Musetti.

Mamma Musetti’s is located at 2649 East Main Street. Wappingers Falls NY.

Find them online at

Or call them at 845-218-9991

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