We are not really a Bakery

Lately we have been seeing new people who come into Mamma Musetti’s thinking we are just a bakery. Of course most are pleasantly surprised when they find out we are not just a bakery. That’s correct, we are not a bakery. We are an Italian Café. We hand make our foods including pastas, sauces, breads and much more. We offer lunch daily, and Dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. We do catering also. That being said, we definitely do bake. We make Italian desserts by hand, we make Italian cookies, rainbow cookies, Sfogliatelle, cupcakes, cannoli cheesecakes, cannoli cakes, and yes you guessed it, we have THE best Cannoli money can buy. So we’re not a bakery but we’re a café that has baked goods. We’re not a restaurant either, we’re just an Italian family who loves to cook and bake for your family. Come check out what we do.

Coming to Mamma Musetti's is noting like going to a restaurant. Its more like going to Nonna's house. It's an experience, you will find that everything is hand made with a friendly family environment. In our cozy dining room you will feel right at home. Authentic Italian music sets the vibe. In Italy the best cafe's are the small mom and pop places. The same holds true at Mamma Musetti's. We don't have a kitchen staff and chefs making your food. It's just Rosa (Mamma Musetti) who learned to cook from her Family in Italy. She makes her Nonna's foods and desserts by hand every single day for you. It's what we love to do! You will hear the Italian music, you will hear the family speaking Italian, you will smell the sauce cooking, and you will feel right at home!

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