Rosaria Musetti- Head Chef/Owner Operator


Chef, Baker and Queen bee, Rosaria Musetti is owner &  Operator of The Mamma Musetti Cafe and head boss. With years of Restaurant experience everything from waitress to General Management and everything in between, she brings her families specialties directly from South Italy and from New York. Everything from fresh hand made pasta dishes to Italian baked goods. She is Mamma Musetti.


Andre Benedetto Musetti- 

Owner Operator

Rosaria's husband Andre brings years of Marketing and Public Relations experience, he has worked in radio from 1998 to current. Being brought up in an Italian family from Southern Italy Andre's combined knowledge of Italian dishes & Pastries matched up with Rosaria's knowledge to create an authentic Italian atmosphere with authentic Italian dishes

Rosaria Musetti, first generation American, her family came to America in the 70's from Calabria. Andre Benedetto Musetti, his family came to America from Sicily. Husband and Wife and owners of Mamma Musetti's.


Mamma Musetti's opened up as a wholesale & Catering company in 2018. It's main focus was the amazing hand made fresh cannoli. Mamma Musetti's started working from an industrial kitchen and making these fantastic cannoli which is a family recipe from Italy. The small company secured putting the cannoli into 18 restaurants in the Hudson Valley region of NY. Just an hour outside of The Bronx. That was a major accomplishment and they were growing very fast in popularity. The company was being talked about on local radio stations and getting lots of media attention. In fact right around that time local station K-104's Woodman did a sit down interview with Andre Musetti about the company and its future.

The next step was delivering hand made pasta tray dinners to people around the Hudson Valley. This also grew in popularity very quickly. The meals were getting to be more and more popular every weekend. Catering was growing and deliveries were growing.

In 2019 The Musetti family opened the Italian cafe in Wappingers Falls, Mamma Musetti's Italian Cafe was an instant success. This small cafe served up more customers than most restaurants do. No chefs, no cooks, just Rosaria Musetti in the kitchen cooking her Italian family recipes. That same year, Mamma Musetti's took the award for Hudson Valley Magazines best dessert. Boris and Robyn from Local radio station WPDH had Rosaria on 2 separate occasions to discuss Mamma Musetti's. The company served the best Italian food that can be purchased in The Hudson Valley. Everything was made by hand using family recipes direct from Italy.

The family kept things rolling through the pandemic, they turned the sit down cafe into takeout only. They started to feed children in need for free and helping families. They created a small food pantry for anyone to use. Things were going well. Andre Musetti was invited on local radio station Q92 with Annie & Ryan In The Morning for a fantastic interview. Also when the pandemic hit, TV Channel 12 did an interview with the family from the Cafe that ran on the local news.

The best hand made desserts, best hand made pasta, best hand made sauces and foods, it gets no better than Mamma Musetti's.

in 2021 They closed down the Cafe after launching a coffee brand and moving from a Cafe/restaurant back to a food company. Focusing in on Catering & wholesale. The company relocated to Brevard County in Florida in 2021, bringing fresh authentic cannoli & Italian desserts to South Florida. Lets just say Mamma Musetti's is finding its roots once again, this company is only just getting started. The future is bright for Mamma Musetti's.