Mamma Musetti's 
Cannoli Creams

The famous handmade Mamma Musetti cannoli cream that has quickly taken over New York. The recipe is a family recipe from southern Italy. Our family served these exact cannoli to thousands of people in Italy for many years and now they are here in America. Mamma Musetti's has supplied numerous restaurants, bakeries and other eateries in The Hudson Valley, including the famous Mamma Musetti's Italian Cafe.. These amazing creams are now available for your place. Reach out to us today for a sample. Everything is hand made in small batches, mixed by hand. Allow our compnay to set your restaurant or bakery aside from the rest.  The name Mamma Musetti's will bring people in. You would have  to travel to Italy to get a better Cannoli. Dont believe us, give it a try for youself.  

The cream comes in 3 pound bags. 8 bags come in a case. The cost 132 dollars a case. That's ONLY $5.50 per pound. Its a better price than most companies offer and a WAY better product. Call us today.

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